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Adding Style to Your Closet Cabinet Doors

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Boston closet cabinet door

Closet cabinets come in many shapes and sizes, and the same goes for cabinet doors! The door of a closet cabinet is one way to lend your home some stylish personality, whether you’re looking for playfulness and whimsy or elegance and refinement. Take a look at these creative cabinet door styles for your Boston home.

Flat Panel Doors

In a flat panel door, the center is, of course, flat! The flat portion may be engraved in a raised or contoured surrounding segment. There are a multitude of styles that can be represented just within the flat panel category.

Raised Panel Doors

A raised panel cabinet door essentially inverts the flat panel. The center section of this door is elevated with a stylish contour. These come in just as many artistic variations as flat panel doors and are a more traditional choice for your closet cabinets, representing the classic aesthetic and giving a sense of antiquity – especially if the door material is wood!

Boston closet cabinet door

Accent Doors

Accent doors offer the most diverse range of design profiles. They can be highly stylized to suit your closet ambience, whether we’re talking leaded glass panel, shutter-like louvered doors, or the rustic rattan insert door. They can be curved, rounded, or feature creative decorative inserts. Wire mesh grills and wood lattice cabinet doors can bring some sunny criss-crossing cheer to your closet, reminiscent of hot apple pie on the windowsill.

Mirror Doors

Perfect for closets used to store clothing, mirror doors have a secondary function of reflecting their owner during morning  fashion experimentation! Just close your door and boom – instant mirror. Convenient mirrors are a must-have for homeowners who need to see the whole picture before going out and meeting the day. Why not kill two birds with one stone? These can be incorporated into a pre-existing door, or the entire door itself can be a mirror!

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