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How to Create a Welcoming Home Entryway

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bright cheerful organized entryway

bright cheerful organized entrywayIt can be stressful to come home to a crowded, cluttered entryway. If you have this problem in your Boston area home, our expert tips offer creative solutions. With a little effort, a flair for organization, and our advice, you (and your guests) should feel welcome with a bright, cheerful, and clear foyer. Let our experts’ design and organizing tips help you create a gracious entryway you will love.

Entryway Organization Tips

Use these tips to make arriving home a joyful experience every day!

  • Add lighting. A dim entryway can be frustrating and even dangerous. If pre-installed lighting is inadequate or absent, place a lamp on your entryway table or use a standing lamp. If space is at a real premium, consider adding battery operated wall sconces as a quick but stylish DIY solution. If you already have lighting fixtures, consider using brighter bulbs.
  • Use wall space. Add cubbies, hooks and/or a coat rack so there’s a place for everything. It will provide kids with a place for bags, coats, and shoes to prevent clutter from ending up on the floor. And guests will instantly see how to stow their coats, scarves, or other accessories when visiting. custom entryway mudroom storage Franklin
  • Paint your entry area a lighter or brighter color. Using a different color can help define your entryway and visually separate it from the living space. In addition, you’ll brighten the area and boost the lighting you already have.
  • Organize the coat closet (if you have one). Move long-term storage items to the attic or basement. Only use your entryway closet for items that suit the season and climate. Hang coats and jackets. Store shoes, boots, laptop cases or briefcases for easy access when you’re leaving. Certain gym equipment can also be stored in your entryway, or consider keeping them in your garage. Since organizing can be slow and complicated on your own, consider hiring an expert for a pain-free solution.
  • If space allows, add a tall, thin table or wall shelf. This is the spot for a welcoming vase of flowers or bright decor. Use the spot as an easy-to-remember place to drop keys and incoming mail from your hands. Or add a hook specifically for keys.
  • Include an attractive entryway bench. Make taking off shoes, accessories, and outerwear easy and comfortable. Built-in storage can help store shoes without taking extra space.
  • Add a mirror. This instantly makes any space seem brighter and larger. 

Get Personalized Help

Create a serene and lovely entryway to welcome you home each day. Closet & Storage Concepts of Franklin and Boston, MA help to organize your home and make your space useful. Contact us a FREE consultation today!

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