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Sleek Modern Closet Design

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Boston modern closet design

Boston modern closet design

Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston is your go-to expert on all storage space stylings, from antique to modern. With modern-style decor, what you see is what you get.

There is a no-fuss simplicity to modern decoration, but that doesn’t mean your modern closet space can’t make a strong aesthetic statement with sleek, minimalist allure. Let’s talk about custom closets with a healthy dose of the modern design style!    


How can you tell if a closet space is modern? One thing you can note right away is the clean, calm neutrality of modern closet color coding. The modern style emphasizes a lot of gray, white, light brown, and beige.

Usually, just a couple of these colors will define the modern closet, providing the eye with a soothing sea of uncomplicated tones. No fuss, no fanciness – just straight down to business, perfect for professionals working with busy schedules.

Boston modern closet design

The Shape of Things

A modern closet will not feature anything baroque or elaborate. Clean, flat panels; bold, sharply defined geometry, and an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines are the modern way. Modern design consists of fewer curves overall, presenting neat, straightforward cabinets and shelving for easy, matter-of-fact storage.

When a modern-style closet is kept neat, it is an impressive example of the phrase, “form follows function.” That is, the design reflects the purpose of the item. Modernity says any designs without function or purpose are unnecessary. Thus, with a modern-style closet, you’re looking at a tightly arranged, simplistic order where there is a place for everything, and everything goes in its place.

Modern Materials

To really achieve the modern look, certain closet-building materials are best. Light hardwood for floors or drawers, glass panels with chrome trim, marble center-islands, and mirrors with no trim.


Arrangement and placement of stored items can be key to a modern look. Color-coded shirts and pants on hangers can lend to the slick uniformity, and identical boxes on your equally-long shelves are attractive, yet uncomplicated for the eye to process.

Your Custom Closet

Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston offers free in-home design consultations for stylish maximization of your storage space. Contact us today and let’s move forward on your more organized personal space!

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