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Traditional Custom Closet Design

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traditional custom closet design Boston

traditional custom closet design BostonAt Closet & Storage Concepts of Franklin, our designers bring their knowledge and expertise to help clients make the most of their spaces. They bring knowledge in terms of layout, products, and even design trends and influences. Today we’re breaking down traditional closet design so you can see if it’s right for you.

Use Symmetry

Traditional design often uses symmetry to evoke feelings of comfort or even nostalgia. Layout elements, sections, and design lines of your closet symmetrically to incorporate traditional design into your closet.

Choose Cabinet Styles Carefully

The cabinet style or profile that you pick is a key way to get a traditional look. Opposed to flat panel cabinets that are seen in many modern or contemporary designs, look for a raised panel with intricate carvings or designs on the front. Shaker profiles are also popular and are a great middle ground if you are looking for something traditional that will also age well.

Neutrals Work

You can’t go wrong with a neutral color palette in traditional designs! White, creams, blacks, and grey will all work well in a traditional style closet. Also look for finishes that have a natural wood grain pattern. Usually, medium-wood finishes look the best, although we have seen (and created) traditional closets in dark and light wood finishes.


Now is not the time to try concrete or funky plastics. Use materials like thermofoil or solid wood in your closet for a traditional look and feel. Solid woods tend to be a bit pricier than laminates or thermofoil. Keep in mind that engineered hardwoods are very durable and can give you a gorgeous look at a fraction of the cost.

Go Ornate

Older traditional styles like baroque or rococo would feature ornate carvings and elements on furniture. Apply this to your closet with ornate cabinet holds and pulls, sparkling chandeliers, or even a fun parquet floor.

Take all elements of your room into consideration when designing your space. Contact one of our closet design experts to help you create a customized closet in any style from traditional to modern. Stop by or call us today! We serve all clients in the Boston Metrowest area including Boston, Medfield, and Hopkinton.

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