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Easy Ways to Renovate Your Closet

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contemporary custom closet Hopkinton MA

contemporary custom closet Hopkinton MAGiving your closet a makeover doesn’t have to be difficult. With some simple additions or changes, you can say hello to a new closet! Find simple tricks to refresh your Boston closet below.

Simple Rearrangement

If you’re trying to spice things up on a budget, simply re-arranging things could be the way to go. Organizing by color or moving items to a different section of your closet can help you feel like you have a brand new closet. You could also try putting accessories on display and moving out of season items. This is a great opportunity to shop your closet to consider new outfit ideas.

Try a New Insert

If you want your Boston closet to look like a boutique, consider home décor pieces like a marble tray or jewelry stand. Adding a tray to your closet island, small countertop, or vanity can give your closet a whole new look without breaking the bank. Look for materials that work well with your space.

Add Accessories and Lighting

Sometimes closets lack important organizational or design elements. Adding closet accessories to help save you time like a valet rod or a drop-down ironing board are relatively low-cost investments you can make in your closet. Changing light bulbs for a cooler or warmer hue can also make your closet look drastically different without having to bring in contractors or electricians.

Call in the Pros

For bigger jobs, calling in professional closet designers is the way to go. A team of specialists, like the team at Closet & Storage Concepts in Franklin, will make the entire design and installation process easy and fun. They can take care of everything when it comes to maximizing space while designing something that looks good in your space that is also within your budget.decluttering clothes in a closet with box

Make Room and Declutter

One of the best and easiest ways to get a brand new closet is to declutter. This is a great opportunity for you to see if there are items you can cosign or sell while giving you more usable closet space. After you declutter, you will feel like you have a brand new space!

To make over your closet, do not hesitate to reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts! We serve the Boston MetroWest area including Hopkinton, Franklin, and Medfield. Give us a call to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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