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How to Shop Your Closet

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going through custom closet wardrobe

Find new outfit combinations for a whole new outlook on your wardrobe

Shopping your closet is a great way to get inspired to create outfits from clothes you already own. This practice reduces impulse purchases, curates your closet to fit your style, is easy on the environment, and can help keep you organized. To make use of the clothes already in your Boston wardrobe, use these strategies. going through custom closet wardrobe

Find Inspiration

Look through magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, or at bloggers whose style you love. Make a vision board (either physical or digitally) of outfits you like and would want to wear yourself. Find themes between them, such as a great pair of fitting jeans, a classic striped sweater, or a statement coat. In particular, start thinking of items that you already own that you could substitute to emulate the outfits you like. You might not have that exact pencil skirt in the photo, but you might have something similar that you already love wearing.

Have a Massive Dress-Up Party

After you have the inspiration, it’s time to get dressed. Make an event out of it and play dress up, just like you might have when you were younger. Invite some trusted friends or your significant other to help you.

Pro Tip: Use the 10X method to help facilitate this process. This method makes you pair every single pair of bottoms you have with at least 10 different tops. In particular, look to create combinations that you haven’t tried or worn before. By forcing you to try new combinations, you’ll be sure to find something new.

Evaluate What Worked (and What’s Missing)

After having a dress-up party and finding combinations you may not have considered, give them a whirl! Record and document what you wore and for what occasion. Make a mental note (or use a journal or mobile app) to evaluate what did and didn’t work.

Determine What’s Missing

As you are going through your wardrobe, you may find that you’re missing key items. If you saw a lot of outfits during your inspiration search, but are missing a critical piece (think basics and items that can be worn with other existing items in your wardrobe), put it on your to-buy list. As you shop, use this list to help guide your purchases. This will help you build a wardrobe you love that’s full of pieces you’ll actually wear.

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