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Creative Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

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modern pantry storage with barn sliding doors

Is your kitchen pantry getting you down? A poorly organized kitchen pantry can make everything you do in the kitchen a chore, from trying to cook a meal to put away the groceries. No matter the size of your pantry, a few changes can help you get organized! Here are a few creative things to consider. modern pantry storage with barn sliding doors

Getting Creative With the Door

If you have the wall space, barn doors make it easier to get in and out of your pantry without a fuss. You can leave your pantry wide open when you need to get things from it and you can close it when you’re done. Barn doors are exceptionally popular right now and they can fit with most home decor styles.

Of course, you can also consider taking off cabinet doors and go with open shelving. Open shelving has become a modern trend and is very convenient.

Remodeling Your Kitchen Shelving

Your pantry shelving contributes a lot to its utility. You may have noticed that your shelving is oddly spaced or that you’re having trouble getting to the back of your shelves. Your shelves may have been cut too long or maybe spaced improperly for the things that you’re likely to store. All of these problems can be fixed with smart custom kitchen pantry storage solutions.

In addition to proper shelving, you can incorporate shallow drawers to hold knick-knacks, and pullout shelves to make it easier to reach things inside confined spaces. Can’t reach your shelves? Get a small ladder or step stool. bright modern custom pantry shelving Boston

Bring in the Light

There’s no reason why a kitchen pantry has to be dark. Augment your kitchen pantry with built-in lighting, so you can easily see the contents of the pantry even in the dead of night. Adding more overhead lighting can also bring more warmth to a space that is otherwise untouched by exterior light.

Getting the Gear to Match

It’s not just about your pantry remodel; it’s also about your storage options. Consider purchasing bins, mason jars, and other food storage containers to modernize and organize your things. Stackable items, in particular, can make use of small spaces without creating clutter.

In the old days, pantries were often an afterthought. Today – especially for busy families – they can become an important, central feature of a home. If your pantry is old and outdated, it may be time for a modern update. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Franklin to get started on your pantry project!

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