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Tips to Create the Perfect Linen Closet

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small organized linen closet boston

In the midst of the hectic chaos of a lived-in home, the linen closet should be a relaxing retreat. Towels, sheets, pillows, blankets, and whatever you store should be easy to find and easy to grab. Organizing your linen closet can help make your home more functional and more serene. small organized linen closet boston

Clean It Out – and Toss It Out

Begin organizing your closet by pulling everything out – it’s easier to start from scratch. From here, sort through things you want to keep.

The linen closet tends to become filled with things that we never use but think we might someday use. If it hasn’t been used in the past 18 months, either donate it or throw it out. Things that have sentimental value can be placed in storage or given to family members to keep. If you have emergency supplies, it’s a good practice to inspect them regularly and replace items as needed.

Organize from Most to Least Used

Your closet should be organized to display your most used items at the forefront. Items that you only use occasionally (such as a heavy blanket, or guest linens) should be positioned at the top of the closet or at the very bottom. Mid-level items should be the items that you use most (such as towels).

Organize your items into sections before returning them to the closet: often, sometimes, and rarely used. Anything that’s never used should be donated or tossed. As you place items back in your closet, sort them with similar items: sheets with sheets, towels with towels, and so forth.

Add Shelves, Baskets, and Bins

Adding custom closet storage features is the best way to make the most of your linen closet. Multiple shelves can be added for sheets, blankets, and extra towels. Using vertical space can help organize a cramped closet. For things that don’t easily stack, pullout baskets can be used to keep items organized and separated. 

A common issue for a linen closet is being too deep, but you can often adjust the way that you’re folding your items to compensate. Try rolling your towels or folding your blankets in large and long sections. 

If your linen closet just isn’t suited to your needs, you may need to further customize it. To learn more about pricing and design options, consult with the storage and decluttering experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Franklin. We serve the greater Boston area including Charlestown, Medifield, and Hopkinton.

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