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5 Lists to Start Writing Today

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grocery shopping list

Become a serial list-taker and amp up your life with these five lists. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Franklin, we want to help you create a home with joy and the things you love. grocery shopping list

Grocery/Stock Up

No matter where you shop, it makes sense to have a list! From apples and eggs to a file cabinet or lightbulbs, write it down. Making a grocery or stock-up list can help you stay focused when you shop and lead to less clutter and impulse purchases. Looking for more ways to build a better grocery list? We got ‘em! 

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Clutter Hotspots

This isn’t your typical list, but it can help you focus in on the areas that drive you crazy in your home. From the junk drawer to your closet, make a note of it. Convert the list to a to-do list, and make time to tend to each area in your home for a neater home that will do wonders for your health.

Unfinished Projects

Similar to the clutter hotspot list, your unfinished project list can make it easy to group projects that are more manageable and help you focus your attention on one project at a time. Work from hardest to easiest or easiest to hardest depending on your personality.

Gift Ideas

holiday gifting to buy listNever be in a rush to shop again! Having a list for gifts is a great way to plan ahead for holidays or birthdays. By having a list, it’ll be easy to jot down ideas throughout the year and help you snap something up at a bargain. Consider making your own wish list to help your loved ones shop for you.

Travel Bucket List

Make time for yourself by making a list of the places you want to go. Include everything on your list from small day trips to multi-week trips. And if you’re concerned about the kids, consider having separate sections for places that you can go as a family, and places that you want to go for a true getaway.

These five lists can help you become five times more organized! For all things custom closet and home storage related, contact the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts. We serve the greater Franklin, Boston, and MetroWest areas.

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