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Hidden Closet Design Ideas

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A smaller home with limited space can impact the way you store items such as clothing, vacuum cleaners, holiday decorations, and other possessions. Having a closet or cabinet to store items is ideal, but many cheap storage solutions aren’t pleasing to the eye. You may also not want to broadcast your storage areas if you have valuables stored in them. Built-in hidden closet and shelf designs allow you to get the look you want in a room without eyesores that declutter your space. Learn how with Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston. wall of storage cabinetry Boston

Decorative Outer Features on Closet Doors

If a regular closet door isn’t your style, consider camouflaging it by making the door look like other elements in the space. If you have wainscoting or dark wood panels along the walls, you can add the panels to the closet door to provide a more uniform design. A home storage organization company such as Closet & Storage Concepts can help you design customized storage to fit any design you may have in mind. Using flat panels is another great way to achieve a seamless look.

Another way to hide a closet door is to make it appear as something else. Try different colors, wallpaper, and wallpaper patterns.

Hidden Wall Storage Nooks

Some walls may have space between the framing and siding of your home. A clever design idea is to incorporate a hidden storage compartment in your wall or under your stairs. Voila! Extra space.

Another way to add more storage to a small space without having guests aware of it is to place an inset cabinet or shelf behind a piece of art. The frame of a painting can be attached using hinges so the painting acts like the cabinet door. This gives a great look and is the perfect diversion to keep items like jewelry hidden.

Room Doors with Shelves

Instead of adding shelving to the walls, consider adding shelves to the back of doors. When opening the door, the shelves are easily accessible. This type of storage solution is ideal in extremely small areas like bathrooms where you don’t have a lot of space. You can place folded towels, washcloths, or toiletries in them. 

Start Your Project

Guests in your home don’t have to know where you keep certain possessions. These hidden closet designs allow you to store items safely without having the closet, cabinet, or shelves stand out. Let our designers help you create a closet you love. Our team is here to help and have completed work in many New England homes in the area including Franklin, Boston, Charlestown, and Hopkinton. Contact us a for a free in-home estimate!

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