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Holiday Baking Essentials and How to Store Them

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cookies cooling on countertop with other tools

cookies cooling on countertop with other toolsPopular holiday traditions include gathering with family, hanging up lights, and baking holiday treats. From hearty breads to cookies and treats, your kitchen could be in overdrive this season. Whip up your favorite treats with ease by tending to your kitchen’s pantry storage and organization. Our team at Closet & Storage Concepts in Boston is here to help with these tips.

Cookie Sheets and Tins

Keep tins in good working condition by gently removing excess oils and residue before storing them. Using customized storage cabinets and shelves will keep sheets upright and easy to access. Choose adjustable shelving to make it easy to rearrange items.

Mixing Bowls and Storage Dishes

Cabinets are great for storing these items. Doors help reduce dust and dirt from settling on them and conceal them when they’re not in use. Clean bowls and dishes ensure that you’re always ready to start mixing and baking. Varying cabinet sizes can be built depending on what you own.

kitchen pantry slat wall system Boston, MA

Spatulas, Measuring Cups, Whisks & More

Is your drawer overfilling with duplicate tools? Are you always struggling to pull out your favorite spatula when it gets tangled in the whisk? Consider a purge and drawer divider so you can easily find and pull out the tools you need. Alternatively, a slatted wall system could be perfect. Moveable bins can separate tools in different categories. Or adjustable hooks can help you hang up your most frequently used items.


When it comes to storing spices and other essentials like flour and sugar, we recommend using airtight containers. This preserves ingredients and also looks really great since it makes everything look streamlined and uniform. Rely on strong sturdy shelves to store everything. Use different heights to make your space efficient. For heavier items and larger containers, wider and taller shelves are ideal. Short and narrow shelves are perfect for small spice jars and containers.

built-in pantry storage shelving Medfield, MA


Following along to your favorite recipes? Store your books with dedicated shelves in your kitchen. Incorporate shelves in your island to maximize space. In a butler’s pantry, a small set of shelves specifically for cookbooks could do the trick.

Get Started

Closet & Storage Concepts is your choice for custom pantry storage and organization in the Boston Metro West area. Our team proudly serves the Boston area including Franklin, Medfield, and more as well as surrounding New England areas.

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