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Living Room Organization Tips

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luxurious and cozy living room

A living room is often a place to play, read, relax, and enjoy time with family. But is your clutter proving to be an eyesore? At Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, we want all of our clients to love their spaces. We’ll break down five common things in a living room and give you some tips in terms of how to store everything with ease. Let’s get into it! luxurious and cozy living room

5 Ways to Organize Your Living Room

  1. Toy Storage

Toys, toys, and more toys! If you’re tired of building blocks and rolling items on your floor, utilize bins and baskets. Large rolling baskets are a great way to keep toys hidden at night, but make it easy for kids to play during the day. Bins are a smart way to corral items and help kids stay tidy. Use labels to keep toys separated.

  1. Edit Books and Magazines

If you love reading in your living room you’re not alone. But do all of your books spark joy and happiness? And more importantly, do you need to store them all in your living room? Consider paring down to the essentials and see if you can find homes for your books in other areas of your home. An edited bookshelf is an easy and quick way to get the appearance of a tidy living room.

  1. Media Storage

built-in entertainment center BostonFrom game consoles to the record player, TV, and stereo systems, these items deserve to have a proper home. Custom entertainment centers in your Boston home are the perfect way to maximize space, especially if you have an oddly shaped room. In addition, built-ins help keep cords hidden and store everything else like toys, books, and more.

  1. What Doesn’t Belong

Are craft supplies hanging out in your living room? What about work stuff and other paperwork? Or what about shoes? Relocate items to their proper homes. Storage solutions in your entryway could be useful, especially if the entry of your home opens straight into your living room. A small stool or a shoe rack could be helpful to remind all members of your family to keep shoes and coats out of your living room.

  1. Cozy Gear

Some would say that there couldn’t be enough blankets and pillows. After all, what are kids going to build their pillow forts out of? But if you’re tired of mountains of them, consider unique furniture storage ottomans to store everything without putting it on view. And when it’s time for movie night, everyone will know where to find their favorite blanket.

Want to Get Organized?

Stop by our showroom in Franklin, MA or give us a call where one of our home storage specialists can provide a free in-home design estimate. Our team is here to help! Proudly serving the MetroWest area including Charlestown, Medfield, and Hopkinton for over 15 years.

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