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3 Tips for a Tidy Home

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Living in a tidy house is so much more soothing and tranquil than living in a messy one. Messiness is chaotic, and it will contribute to chaotic feelings. Tidiness promotes feelings of peace and tranquility. Here are three tips for getting your Boston house in order.  clean built-in cabinets with 2 wall beds Boston

Tackle Mess One Room at a Time

Too many people try to tackle the whole house at once when tidying up. This is a recipe for disaster since it is too overwhelming for most people. When something is overwhelming, a paralyzing fear can take place leading to inaction. There is so much to do, you don’t know where to start, so you don’t do it at all. Either that, or you start, but don’t finish it.

Instead, focus on one room at a time, and don’t force yourself to finish tidying up an entire room or space in a day. Take your time tidying up a room, and finish it when you finish it, even if it is days, weeks, or months later. Only when one room is finished should you move on to the next one. For particularly messy rooms, consider focusing on small piles or areas at a time. Put it in your calendar and have a plan so you don’t feel like you’re not making progress. 

Clean as You Go

Being clean and tidy go hand in hand. As you are tidying up a room, clean it. Dust as you go, clean the ceiling fan and blinds, vacuum or mop, polish the furniture, and do whatever else needs cleaning. If you combine cleaning and tidying, you will have a sparkling clean and immaculately tidy room when you are done. Adding tidying to your cleaning routine is a good way to prevent clutter from building up.

Invest in Space-Saving Storage Solutions & Furniture

One of the best ways to tackle clutter and tidy up is to have proper storage. Things like new cabinets built into the walls, stand-alone cabinets, cubbies, shelves, Murphy beds, toy boxes, desks, entertainment centers, and things of that nature give you a place for everything. Modern storage furniture is exceptionally stylish, attractive, and built to last. With proper storage, tidying up is fun and easy. If you are in search of quality storage solutions, work with a company known for its history of customer service like Closet & Storage Concepts of New England.

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