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Why You Should Consider Built-In Storage Solutions

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Before purchasing pre-made furniture at a typical big box store, why not think about adding a few built-ins for your next home remodeling project? Built-ins offer ways of enhancing the appearance and functionality of your Boston home in ways you may not have even considered. 

custom cabinetry storage wall beds Boston

Five Reasons Your Home Needs Built-in Furniture

  • Personalize your home. You are one-of-a-kind, so why live in a cookie-cutter home? Built-in furniture is a wonderful way to design a space which not only works for what is essential in your life but is a reflection of your personality. Whether you are a reader who wants a quiet window seat nook to curl up with a book or a crafter in need of a work area, built-ins offer an easy way to create a space for all your hobbies and interests.
  • Use every inch of space. In many homes, there tends to be a ton of underutilized space. This is particularly true when spaces are oddly shaped such as under the stairs or in rooms with a sloping ceiling. Don’t waste these areas. Companies like Closet & Storage Concepts can come in, take measurements, and create custom storage solutions that fit the room and your budget. 
  • Divide a room without closing spaces off completely. Open concept floor plans are gaining in popularity, but you may find it beneficial to define zones visually without destroying the overall airiness. Built-ins are an excellent way of doing this. Think about design elements such as a low shelf to partition a seating area from the dining space or using floor-to-ceiling wine storage to partially obscure the kitchen. 
  • Expand the functionality of a room. Limited square footage doesn’t have to mean limited options. Built-ins can help one room pull double or even triple duty. Do you need an office, a home theater, and a sleeping space for an occasional overnight guest? That is not a problem. Add customized office solutions that help you be productive. When work is over open cabinets or shelves to reveal a hidden screen and get ready for the ultimate movie night. Host overnight guests in style with a comfortable wall bed
  • Take it outside. Built-ins are not only for inside the home, but they are also ideal for the garage or sheds. Whether you are a woodworker or a mechanic, you need a clean place to work. Keep your garage neat and tidy with heavy-duty cabinets, a workbench, or a slatwall for tools and supplies. Custom workbenches can also act as seating and storage.

Start Your Project

Explore all of your storage options by talking to a reputable home storage system company like Closet & Storage Concepts before starting your remodeling project. Proudly serving the greater Boston Metrowest area including Franklin, Medfield, and Hopkinton. 

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