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How To Convert A Closet To Craft Storage

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custom closet Boston

custom closet Boston

If you’re a crafty person you likely know the struggle of trying to find space for all of your supplies. Not everyone has the luxury of an extra room to devote to their crafting hobby, but luckily all you need is a spare closet! Here are a few tricks from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Boston for converting a closet to craft storage.

Easy Access

The trickiest part of a small craft space is that it can limit your ability to access the things you need. Avoid having to look for items buried in a bin on the top shelf by installing roll out shelves. These shelves are excellent for filling tight spaces and provide tons of convenient storage. They are useful for storing anything from paint to extra fabric pieces. Roll out the shelf while you’re crafting for easy access to everything you need, and push it back when you’re done to consolidate space.

Utilize Door Space

The back of the door provides ample storage that often gets overlooked. Take advantage of this space by installing pegboards or a slat wall system. Pegboards provide a variety of storage options that can accommodate your exact needs and fit the supplies you have. The boards make it easier to keep track of smaller items, so consider using them to store things like scissors, spools of thread, washi tape, etc.

Make it Multi-Functional

It can be a hassle to grab everything you need and then carry it to another room to make your craft. A craft closet doesn’t have to simply be a space where you store your materials; it can be a place to work as well! A built-in desk is an excellent way to make your craft closet multi-functional. It provides you the ability to pull it down when you’re ready to create and close it up when you’re done and need to make room.

Get Started Today

At Closet & Storage Concepts Boston we want to help you make room for the things that make you happy. If you’re ready for a closet makeover, contact us today for a free in-home consultation with one of our design experts. You can also visit our showroom.

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