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Approachable Ways to Tame Chaos In Your Laundry Room

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fold out iron board in laundry custom cabinets Boston

Laundry rooms are no strangers to chaos. From piles of clothes to clean to pet storage and cleaning supplies, laundry rooms are a place that can have a lot going on. Tame the chaos in your laundry room with thoughtful storage solutions straight from the organizing pros at Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston. 

Boston laundry room built-ins hanging area

Let Air Dry

If you struggle to find a place for clothes to air dry, make it easier with specific solutions. Hanging rods or dropdown hanging racks help you care for delicate clothes and reduce your energy bill!

Storage For Everything

Proper storage is key to tame the chaos. To eliminate chemicals mixing with pet food or towels getting lost behind large detergent bottles, use shelving and cabinets to keep items visible. Labels and smaller storage baskets are also useful to keep similar items grouped together.

Sorting Clothes

Piles of clothes can easily turn a laundry room into a disorganized mess. Use built-in baskets and hampers to make sorting clothes easy and efficient. Because they are built right into a cabinet it keeps the mess out of view for a tidier looking space.

fold out iron board in laundry custom cabinets Boston

Foldout Ironing Boards

In order to care for your clothes, there are a few tools you may need like an ironing board, iron, and stone wool. Lugging your ironing board between different areas of your home can cause chaos. Instead, keep it in a fixed place along with your iron or steamer. We have a few different ironing board options to fit your space. Consider a version that tucks away in a drawer or one that folds down from a slim cabinet.

Use Cubbies, Hooks, and Baskets

Laundry and utility rooms are often rooms that an entire family uses regularly. Make things easier for each member of the family with cubbies, baskets, and hooks. Our laundry room organizers can accommodate this need and keep sports equipment, the dog leash, and even backpacks in order.

Get Started

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