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Nature-Inspired Storage Solutions and Designs

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small potted succulents on window sill

John Brookes, an English horticulturist and landscape designer, was famous for creating gardens as outdoor rooms. But what if you brought the outdoors inside, making the most of nature to create a refreshingly unique aesthetic?  While large picture windows, natural light, wall art, and potted plants are all effective ways to create a more organic interior, the type of storage solutions you choose can also help bring the outside in. Get inspired with these ideas from the team at Closet & Storage Concepts in Boston, MA.natural wood cabinets and shelf built-ins Boston

Utilize Natural Materials

Whether or not your home greets you with stunning woodland views, incorporating natural building materials such as wood or stone (think mosaic stone backsplashes or an accent wall) is the perfect way to mimic nature. Storage solutions can be addressed the same way; woven baskets, open cabinet systems, and rattan trunks are all design ideas that mirror the natural world. While your dishes may gather more dust when you utilize open shelving, natural light will flow more freely around your shelves.

Create a Green Wall

Potted plants can be messy, especially if you have a dog or a curious little one running around the house. They also clutter up a room faster than Marie Kondo can organize it. The last thing you want is to have to navigate a jungle of spider plants, hibiscus trees, and Japanese Holly ferns. A green wall, or vertical garden, not only creates a soothing and pleasant environment – it’s a fun way to experience nature, without as much dirt, mess, and clutter. Think of a green wall as a type of storage area for your plants. 

Nature-Inspired Decor 

No, we’re not talking about flower arrangements, botanical wall art, and random shell collections. We’re talking about a Nordic approach to design, which uses nature and natural elements to turn a home into a retreat from everyday stress. Consider wooden shelves with clean lines, a neutral color palette, and spaces free of clutter and ornamentation.  

small potted succulents on window sill

Don’t Block Natural Light

From increasing productivity and comfort to boosting mood and providing mental stimulation, natural light has a host of benefits. The last thing you want to do is block your windows with clunky furniture. By positioning things like bookshelves or other home storage solutions to fit snuggly around your windows, it will promote the flow of sunlight and boost the overall Feng Shui of your home. 

If you want to outfit your home with space-saving storage solutions that evoke nature, contact your local Boston Closet & Storage Concepts designer for a free, in-home estimate. Serving the greater MetroWest area including Hopkinton, Medfield, and Charlestown.

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