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Keeping Your Wardrobe in Good Condition

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Proper care and storage is crucial to keeping your clothes in quality condition. Avoid rumpled coats, misshapen shoes, and tangled necklaces with help from our storage experts! Our custom closets and convenient closet accessories will help you keep every part of your wardrobe organized.

Shoe Storage

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Having proper shoe storage, like racks or cubbies, will prevent shoes from getting beaten up or squished. When shoes are flung at the bottom of a closet, they can accumulate damage and lose their shape. With a dedicated shoe organization system, most shoes can easily be stored. Tall boots, however, need a bit of special care. They should always be stored upright. Instead of forcing boots into bins or cubbies that are too short, try storing them at the top of drawers or shelves. We can also work with you to design a custom-built shoe rack perfect for every pair of shoes.

Jewelry Storage

Boston custom closet jewelry drawer dividers

When tossed into a drawer, necklaces and bracelets just seem to tangle together on their own. Once that happens, it’s easy to break them when trying to untangle the mess. Similarly, earrings can get lost, and even gems can fall out. We recommend investing in a dedicated storage system for your jewelry. At Closet & Storage Concepts, one of our most popular closet accessories is a jewelry drawer insert. With luxurious felt or velvet and a variety of storage options, your jewelry will be kept well-organized and in pristine condition.

Seasonal Clothes

If not properly stored, seasonal clothes can come out smelly, mildewy, and even moth-eaten. To keep winter coats and scarves in good condition, they should be washed prior to storage. Most clothes can simply be folded and stored in a plastic container. Delicate items, like down jackets, should never be squeezed into a too-small container. Give them room to breathe, and separate jackets with light paper to prevent damage or dust.

Belt Storage

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Your fancy leather belts can age quickly if not properly stored. When shoved into drawers or left exposed to sunlight, belts can end up creased, scratched, and faded. We have a variety of belt storage accessories available, including pull-out belt racks and custom drawers for rolled belt storage. 

Create A Custom Closet With Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston

The experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston can help you craft a custom storage solution for your entire wardrobe, including each and every accessory. Get started today by calling one of our experts or contacting us online! You can also view some of our local projects online, or visit us at our showroom in Boston.