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Designing a Pantry the Whole Family Will Love

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Modern Organized Kitchen Pantry - Closet & Storage Concepts Boston

Sometimes life can get in the way and proper organization can fall to the wayside. This is especially true for kitchen pantries when parents are busy whipping up dinner most nights. Don’t let this small space be the source of added stress. Having an organized home is key for busy families. This spring, why not dedicate some time upgrading your kitchen pantry? Our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston are happy to help build the custom pantry you’ve been waiting for!

Modern Organized Kitchen Pantry - Closet & Storage Concepts Boston

Take Stock of What You Have

Decluttering your pantry should be the first step you take in the process. First, remove any miscellaneous items that do not belong in a kitchen pantry. Consider donating any excess of kitchen items that may have piled up over the years such as older pots and pans, or canned goods you don’t need. Once you’ve cleaned up, you’ll have a much better idea of what storage solutions you need. This will help streamline the design process for your new and improved pantry.


Grouping Foods Vs. Non-Food Items

Make finding items in your pantry easy by separating foods from non-food kitchen items. Take your organization further by grouping similar things together. This includes grouping canned goods, grains and pasta, snacks, drinks, and more. Custom shelving allows you to select a height that will fit everything you need. We also offer custom pull-out shelving to help you access hard to reach items. Cookware, utensils, and cookbooks can be placed on the opposite side of stored food. Consider installing custom hooks to hang pots and pans.

Keep Everything in its Place

Neatly keep everything stored with custom bins and baskets. Install a spice rack for easy access during cooking. Our design team can work with you on finding the right look that suits your style. Go the extra mile and label each bin so that kids can help with unloading and stocking groceries!

Optimize for Healthy Living Habits Custom pantry storage - Closet & Storage Concepts Boston

Ensure the whole family sticks to their wellness goals this year by stocking up on healthy foods. A good strategy is to keep all of the healthier choices placed at eye level. Hide sugary and less healthy snacks higher up and out of reach. This way the next time someone has a snack attack they’ll make a better choice.

In Need of More Customization?  

If after organizing your pantry you want more storage solutions,  our design team can help! With a range of custom solutions such as custom closets, we can help you live a happy and organized life. 

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