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How to Create a Restful Master Bedroom

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master bedroom storage boston

Creating a restful master bedroom is important for sleep and peace-of-mind, ensuring that you both start and end the day on the right foot. The experts at Closet & Storage Concepts can help you make the most out of your master bedroom space. Keep reading to learn our tips and tricks!

Reduce Clutter

The first step in creating a peaceful bedroom is dealing with clutter. With miscellaneous items collecting on the nightstand and clothes on the floor, it’s hard to create a peaceful environment. To create a restful space, clear your bedroom of anything that isn’t being used. Organize your closet and create a dedicated space for dirty clothes, ideally out-of-sight from the main bedroom area. This is also a good time to sort through under-bed storage, if you have any. 

Furniture Placement

Furniture placement is important in bedroom design. If you struggle to create a tranquil bedroom but don’t know exactly what’s wrong, readjusting the layout of your furniture can be a good start. Consider symmetry, light, and flow of movement in the room. If you’re frequently woken up by outside noises or light, try placing the bed further into the interior of the room. You might also want to take a moment to redecorate. Hanging pictures on the walls or moving plants into the bedroom can help the space feel more comfortable and personal.

Think About Color

Bright, energetic colors can hinder a sense of calm in your bedroom. If your bedroom has any bright decor or clashing colors, consider swapping them out for a more muted tone. Neutrals always work well, but we recommend staying away from bright white or black. If you love color, you don’t need to strip it from your bedroom – just opt for softer shades, like navy or pastels.

Create The Perfect Bedroom Storage System With More Space Place

Often, excess clutter is a sign that you don’t have enough storage space – or the right kind. Ask yourself, do all of your clothes really fit in your closet? Do you struggle to tidy up because you don’t know where items should go? If the answer is yes, we can help. Contact us today – we’ll help you design a bedroom storage system that suits your needs. A custom master closet could go a long way in creating the tranquil bedroom of your dreams.

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