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5 Must-Haves for the Perfect Custom Closet in Boston

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If you find yourself wishing for more space or a better storage solution, it’s time to consider a custom closet.  At Closet & Storage Concepts Boston, we’ll build the custom closet of your dreams from the ground up. We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials that will last you for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a walk-in closet, a wall closet or new wardrobe, we individualize each piece to suit your lifestyle needs. Our design team can also help you choose the colors and finishes that compliment your aesthetics. Here are some of our favorite must-have features you’ll want to incorporate:

Perfectly Store Your Shoe Collection

Avoid the dreaded shoe pile-up and never waste time digging for the perfect pair again. Now you can line up all your shoes in organized rows with the help of our shoe racks.

custom closet shoe rack boston

Showcase Your Jewelry and Accessories

Instead of cramming your jewelry into drawers or hanging them all in one place, invest in a custom jewelry drawer. This is a nice way to showcase what you have without the jewelry getting scuffed, tarnished, or into tangled bunches.

jewelry drawer insert for custom closets

Keep Your Scarves and Ties Tidy

We can build custom racks and hooks to neatly organize scarves, ties, hats and any other items you need. Improperly storing your items will leave them wrinkled and unkempt. With an organized space you can always present yourself at your best.

custom closet accessories charleston

Neatly Display your Purses and Bags

You don’t have to have your bags piled up or stacked inside each other any longer. Our design team can build custom shelving or cubbies so that you can have all your bags within easy reach.

Have the Perfect Outfit Ready to Go Each Morning

Always feel like you’re rushing out the door? Save time getting ready in the morning by having a custom VIP rack installed in your custom closet! This feature is great because you can set your outfit out the night before.

Plan Your New Custom Closet Project in Charleston Today!

Have other closet customizations you’d like to make? Our design team is ready to help you with your next project. See for yourself why homeowners in the Boston-metro area love working with Closet & Storage Concepts Boston. Reach out today for a FREE consultation! 

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