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Decluttering & Storing Sentimental Items

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custom storage for memorabilia in boston

custom storage for memorabilia in boston

Many of us hang onto items that have sentimental value. They can rekindle wonderful memories, commemorate great experiences, and remind us of the people we love. However, these items are often the hardest to store correctly. Have years of your child’s artwork ended up lost in storage containers in the attic or basement? Do you find yourself shoving memorabilia into cardboard boxes stored at the top of your closet? When it comes to sentimental items, proper storage is essential to avoid both clutter and damage. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite ways to organize these precious memories.

Decluttering Your Collection

It can be difficult to let go of items that elicit memories and emotion in us. You may want to hold onto everything or are waiting for the right time to hand it off to your child. Maybe you’ve even been meaning to sort through your sentimental collections for a while and have simply been putting it off. Continuously adding to your collection without ever sorting through your existing items is a recipe for clutter. It can be difficult to sort through items – so we’ve outlined a few strategies below.

Turn sentimental items into gifts. Have you held onto a lot of sentimental items from a friend or relative? These items can make thoughtful, meaningful gifts. Consider creating scrapbooks, framed collages, or incorporating small memorabilia alongside a related present.

If you plan on passing items down to your kids, consider how they feel about them. While the items might mean something to you, your kids might just not be interested in holding onto every single one of their school projects. Discuss with your family how they feel.

If you have a lot of memorabilia related to the same event, consider getting rid of some items. For example, did you bring back a lot of souvenirs from your last vacation? Consider getting rid of all but a few of your favorite items. This can make the items you do keep feel even more meaningful.

Think about getting rid of any items that inspire negative emotion. Maybe it’s finally time to let go of that letter from your ex-crush or the card from a friend you had a falling out with. If these items only bring you down, why keep them around? Getting rid of items with negative emotions attached can be very cathartic and help you move on from the past.

Get rid of items that you no longer have an emotional connection to. Sometimes we hold onto items not because we feel strongly about them, but because we used to feel for them. If your feelings about the item have dissipated, it’s a good sign that it’s time to let go.

Showcase Sentimental Belongings You Are Proud Of

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A great way to declutter those boxes full of sentimental items is to store them in a way that also displays them. A custom entertainment center or built-in cabinets will allow you to display your collection while also keeping them organized and safe. 

Many items will be fine on opening shelving, but for delicate items, a glass display case can be a better storage solution. We can help you by designing a custom display case that allows you to showcase some of your best memories. If it doesn’t make sense for items to be displayed in cases (such as artwork, letters, and photographs), consider framing them for display. You can even create detailed collages of various memorabilia. This can be a great way to group all keepsakes from related events.

Get Organized With The Team At Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston

Sentimental collections and memorabilia are important. Don’t leave them to gather dust in your attic or closet – display them proudly! Contact the team at Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston to learn about our various storage options. 

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