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Home Office Layout Ideas for Your Boston Home

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The layout of your home office and desk is an important component of designing an effective home office. From standalone desks to built-in options, we’re here to help with some of our favorite desk layout ideas for your home office.

Floating Desk

A floating desk can be attached to any wall or vertical surface, saving you space and creating a minimalist feel for your office. This is an excellent option for smaller spaces. It’s also a great way to utilize corners or angled spaces in your home; anywhere where a regular desk wouldn’t fit comfortably. 

Dual Desk Options

Sharing a home office? We can help with a variety of dual desk options. Consider a mirror-style home office, with two identical sides that include a desk and built-in storage. Or, try out a larger desk that juts out into the center of the room, giving you both your own space to work.

Standalone Desk

Instead of a desk pushed against a wall, consider a standalone desk. A desk placed in the center of the room creates a confident, decisive command station. A desk offset from the wall is also a great option – it takes up less space, but still gives you privacy and a better view of the rest of your space.

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Wraparound Desk

Need some extra space? Instead of a regular desk, consider a wraparound desk! This unique style can be built along the entire length of your home office space. For storage, we can include overhead cabinetry and under-desk options.

Window Desk

Natural lighting can have a huge impact on your mood and the overall peacefulness of your home office. Take advantage of natural lighting with a desk placed underneath windows. 

Murphy Bed Desk

Is having a guest bedroom and a dedicated home office space a conflicting goal for you? We can create a space that does both with a Murphy bed and home office hybrid! With built-in desk options, this modern solution will solve two problems with one solution.

Create the Perfect Home Office Today!

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