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Storage Solutions for Historic Homes

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exterior of colorful townhouses

Boston is home to some of the most charming and unique architecture in the country. Historic brownstone homes, Federal period homes, and colonial estates dot the landscape of New England, and many homes are nearing or over 100 years old. What can you do to update the storage situation in a historic home while retaining the history and memories of the past? Closet and Storage Concepts Boston has the expertise and experience to help you update a classic home without sacrificing historic charm.

exterior of colorful townhouses

Preserve History

For most historic homes, expansion of the existing home footprint is restricted by historical preservation designations. Instead of building additions or a second story, you’ll have to work within the bounds of the home as it stands. Make sure your storage and organization solutions are spacious without taking up precious square footage. Our wall hanging cabinet systems are beautiful, sturdy, and will allow you to utilize floor space for antique furniture or other design features while storing all of your favorite things.

Vintage Design Cues

When you’re working with an older home, it’s important to let history influence your contemporary upgrades. If possible, stick with materials and finishes that match the original styling and spirit of the home. At Closet & Storage Concepts Boston, we have wood finishes to match vintage hardwood floors as well as painted systems with intricate crown moulding to merge with historic styling. With custom fixtures and an eye for period design, our designers can help you update your home without compromising on character.

Quirky Spaces

Older homes often have unique spaces that aren’t found in modern construction. Finished attics with gabled dormers can be too small for modern bedrooms, but those spaces are ideal for a secondary closet for lesser-worn clothes.  Small alcoves can house bookshelves, cabinets, or bench storage units to make use of intriguing interior space. However, if the charm of interesting spaces is what you bought the home for, don’t hesitate to preserve those spaces as they are.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re living in a classic home and need storage solutions, contact us today! At Closet & Storage Concepts Boston, our team of experts can help you throughout the design and installation process. See why families in the Greater Boston area choose us for their home storage needs.

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