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Creating an Organized Reach-In Closet

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reach in closets in boston

reach in closets in boston

Looking to add storage to your home but lack space? A reach-in custom closet could be the perfect solution. These closets allow you to store everything at arm’s length and can be installed in nearly any area of your home. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the many ways that we can create a functional reach-in closet for your home!

Customized Closet Accessories

custom closet accessories

Since reach-in closets are smaller than other closet varieties, it’s important to make sure that there’s no wasted space. This is where custom closet accessories come in handy! To get the most out of your reach-in closet, we can help with any of the following specialized storage options:

  • Jewelry drawer inserts. 
  • Shoe racks, including vertical and horizontal options.
  • Custom storage for watches and ties.
  • Custom hanging storage, including valet rods.
  • Hideaway laundry hamper.
  • And more!

Tiered Hanging Storage

Maximize storage space in your closet by utilizing tiered hangers. This doubles your hanging storage space! Instead of hanging storage, we can also install cabinetry, shelving, and more above or below.

Varied Storage Options

The benefit of a custom reach-in closet is that we can install a variety of different storage types to suit your needs. Shelving, drawers, cabinetry, hanging storage, and more – we’ll work with you to determine the perfect type and combination of storage for your needs and lifestyle.

Door Options

The interior of your closet is important, but the exterior matters too! Closet door options play an important role in both the space your closet takes up and its visual appeal. Traditional doors, sliding doors, or even a fully open closet are all potential options. Our designers will work with you to find the best choice.

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