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Tips to Refresh Your Boston Den

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It’s normal to feel as if your home doesn’t match your personality, especially if it has been a while since redecorating. But don’t fret over needing a large budget or a tiresome renovation process to accomplish your home design goals. If you are looking to refresh your home’s look, we have some general tips that will instantly brighten your den and any other room in your home!

custom entertainment center boston den

Brighten the Space with Color and Texture

With a few minor changes to your living space, you can go from drab and dated to light and modern in no time. A new paint job can instantly change the room’s personality, and better incorporate your existing furniture and decor into your space. Adding curtains to your room’s windows both softens sounds and accentuates the space with natural textures and unique patterns. Similarly, if your den is limited by a lack of windows, make the most out of your walls by adding wallpaper and an eye-catching lighting fixture to draw attention to and brighten a specific part of your room.

 Open Up Your Floorplan By Reducing Large Furniture

An easy way to make a small den feel larger is by reducing overwhelming furniture that visually weighs down the space. Think about replacing that bulky square couch and chase with a sofa with thin legs that raise it off the floor, giving the piece a sense of weightlessness. Minimize clutter around your television by hiding wires and cable boxes in a custom entertainment center made to fit your space. Adding a fun accent chair with natural curves can break up harsh lines, providing a more welcoming feel and extra seating for guests.

Fit in Extra Storage

In any space, a den especially, storage is always needed! Create interesting areas to tuck away clutter that otherwise can easily overwhelm your senses in a small space. Using an entertainment center to store remotes, DVDs, books, and more can help keep your tables free of unnecessary items. You can choose what to show off by utilizing open shelving or glass cabinets for more delicate decor, while simultaneously hiding away toys in a drawer. A cute basket or rack made to hold extra blankets can both be a decorative and functional use of your everyday items.

If you are looking for the perfect storage solution to help refresh your den, be sure to call the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Boston for a free, in-home consultation

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