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Simple But Effective Closet Upgrades

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custom closets in boston

custom closets in bostonAt Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, we provide closet upgrades both big and small. If you’re looking for some simple but effective ways to give your closet a fresh look and new functionality, look no further! Below are some of our favorite ideas for simple closet upgrades.

Test Out Different Storage Inserts

Are your drawers stuffed to the brim but your hanging space plentiful? Consider switching around the type of storage options you have in your closet. We can help you swap out your storage for new shelving, drawers, hanging storage, and more. 

Utilize Upper and Lower Space

Closets often have underutilized storage above and below. A simple installation of shelving higher up in your closet or drawers installed below hanging space can give your closet new storage potential.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Maybe your closet functions fine, but you’re looking to give it a fresh new design. Maybe your closet just doesn’t match your home decor, or it’s feeling a bit stale. Here are a few of our favorite ways to give your closet a new look:

  • Reorganize your wardrobe. Testing out a new organization method – color-coding, for example – can help your closet feel less cluttered. 
  • Try a new paint color! Give your closet a new look with a different color, or just give it a refresh with a fresh coat of paint. 
  • Upgraded storage inserts. Upgrade chipped shelves or creaky doors with brand-new storage inserts. The team at Closet & Storage Concepts can help with storage inserts that include elegant design touches such as crown molding or brushed metal handles and pulls.

Customized Accessory Storage

Storage inserts tailor-made for your accessories will do a much better job of keeping them neatly organized than a system that doesn’t quite match. From hats to shoes, we can help with custom-designed closets accessories, including:

  • Jewelry drawer inserts. 
  • Shoe racks and cubbies.
  • Custom hanging rods, including valet rods and pullout rods.
  • Storage for ties, belts, and more.

Upgrade Your Closet With Closet & Storage Concepts

Create the closet of your dreams with our team of expert designers and builders! We can work quickly and efficiently to give your closet simple but needed upgrades. Contact us today to get started.