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How to Make the Most Out of an Awkward Closet Layout

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Awkwardly sized closets – whether too shallow, too narrow, or just too small – can be difficult to get the most out of. While some homes are blessed with a closet layout that works out perfectly, many others have closet spaces that seem like an afterthought. With an oddly shaped closet, there are unique challenges to staying organized. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we’re experts at creating custom storage solutions that work for every space. Keep reading to discover how to utilize an awkward closet layout. 

Use a Variety of Storage Options

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By using a variety of storage options, you can get the most out of your unique space. Different storage systems will work best in different areas. For example, closets with sloped ceilings can make drawer space difficult but could work well for a shorter hanging storage system. For closets that are quite tall but narrow, overhead storage can work better than floor-mounted options.

Try Tiered Hanging Storage

Tiered hanging storage is a great way to effectively double your hanging space. This is a great option for closets that are narrower, because drawers and cabinets can make navigation even more difficult or can end up being too shallow.

Utilize Behind-Door Storage

In awkward closets, sometimes the space that has the most potential is around the door. Closets with a sloped roof, for example, lose space towards the back. A behind-door storage system (including door-mounted shelves, hooks, and more) allows you to make use of important and often overlooked space. 

Try Smaller Organizer Systems

Closets with tapered spaces can be too small for regular or large storage inserts, such as drawers and cabinets. This requires smaller storage systems to be installed. Narrower shelves, small dividers, tiered hanging storage, and lazy Susans can fill in empty gaps in an awkwardly sized closet. 

Use Custom Accessory Storage

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Accessories such as shoes and jewelry can be difficult to store even in a normal closet, so in a closet that’s awkwardly shaped, it can be even more difficult. Accessories can become damaged or take up valuable space. In these cases, customized storage for accessories can be the perfect solution. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we can help with custom jewelry inserts, shoe racks (both horizontal and vertical), custom hanging rods, and more.

Transform an Awkward Closet to a Functional, Stylish Storage System Today!

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