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5 Areas to Organize This Week

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Clutter can easily pile up, especially since we’re all home more than we used to be. It can be overwhelming to attempt to organize your home, but if you take it step by step, an orderly home can certainly be attainable!

1. Entryway

The entrance of your home can quickly become a cluttered mess since everyone entering your home moves through here. First, clear out any shoes, coats, and other items that don’t need to be in this area. Set up a designated place for shoes by placing a shoe rack near the door so people know exactly where to put their shoes. Nowadays it is a good idea to leave hand sanitizer in the entryway so people can clean their hands as soon as they enter the home.

2. Kitchen

Kitchen countertops and drawers can become untidy faster than we think. First, decide on a place for mail to be kept instead of leaving it scattered on tables and countertops. This could be a drawer or a tray. Once countertops are cleared off, begin organizing the drawers and cupboards. Arrange the drawers so every type of utensil or tool has its own compartment, making each item easy to locate. Continue this system throughout your kitchen, and collaborate with household members so everyone knows where items are.

3. Refrigerator

First, go through all your items and throw out anything that is expired. Consider giving food that is still good and that you won’t eat again to someone who would like it in order to reduce food waste. Then, starting on the top shelf, take out all of the items and clean off the area with a sponge and hot water. Dry with a cloth or paper towel, return the food items, and repeat this on the next shelf. Also, don’t forget to clean the rubber seal around the door opening.

4. Pantry

Begin by removing everything from the pantry. Check the expiration dates, and clean off all of the shelves. When putting the food and other items back, consider using clear baskets or bins to hold everything. This allows you to see the contents and evaluate what is running low. You can also use the baskets to hold items that are similar such as cans and pastas. Put things that you use daily in easy to reach places and items you rarely use towards the bottom and back of the pantry.

5. Closets

The first step to organizing a closet is to clear it out. Put everything in one area so you can see all of your belongings. Donate or throw out items you haven’t worn in over a year. Then, organize your clothes by type (sweaters, pants, dresses). Start by putting back clothes that you need to hang, then move to folded items. For shoes, place a shoe rack on the floor so you always have a place to set them.

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