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Creating A Custom Wine And Bar Area

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custom wine storage Massachusetts Closet & Storage Concepts

custom wine storage Massachusetts Closet & Storage Concepts

Tired of random bottles here and there in your pantry or kitchen? Do you want to create an entertaining area? Design a custom wine and bar storage solution for your home! Closet & Storage Concepts of Massachusetts has a variety of custom wine and bar storage and organization options available. Follow these steps to create the bar area of your dreams!

Know Your Wine

Before you find a wine and bar space in your home, determine the features you want in your storage area. Do you have a variety of whites and champagne as opposed to reds? Consider looking for a small wine fridge. Whichever is your preference, remember to keep their best storage practices in mind when designing your space. In addition to the actual bottles, do you also want to display your wine and cocktail glasses? Or have a small countertop to mix drinks or place a cheese platter? Keep all of these wants and needs in mind when finding the space in your home for your new wine and bar storage area.

Create the Space

After you’ve gotten an idea on what you need to store and other elements you want to incorporate to your area, find the right space in your home. If you’re leaning towards an open concept space where you can mix drinks and entertain, look for open spaces in your home that are easily accessible. If you’re purely looking for wine storage solutions, consider a space in your pantry or a closet.

Custom wine and bar area storage Massachusetts

Personalize It

No matter where your wine or bar area is in your home, customizing it to fit your needs and wants is a must, and easy to do with Closet & Storage Concepts! From wine racks, pullout racks, built-in pantries, and more, Closet & Storage Concepts has an array of customizable wine and bar area elements. When designing your wine and bar area, consider matching the wood or finish to existing features or decor elements in your home.


Adding a wine storage area or a bar entertaining space in your home is easy to do and easy to customize. Whatever your ideas are, let Closet & Storage Concepts help you create your custom bar area! Contact us today to set up a consultation with a design professional!


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