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Improving Organization and Visibility in Your Closet

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Lighting and visibility is an important feature in closet design, but can often be overlooked. Incorporating good lighting into your closet will make it easier to stay organized and improve the overall usability of your space. Closet lighting goes beyond functionality, too – it also adds visual appeal and style!

Keep reading to discover how to incorporate better lighting in a custom closet remodel. 

luxurious custom closet dressing room with natural light

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting, when possible, is a great option to take advantage of in a custom closet. When looking at custom closet options, windows and even skylights can provide a welcoming dose of sunshine and visibility to your wardrobe. The downside of a closet with natural lighting is that it can potentially damage clothing over time. Prevent this with the use of blinds, curtains, or by utilizing opaque cabinet doors over open shelving. 

Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting is a subtle and timeless option for your closet. Instead of taking up extra space, recessed lighting seamlessly integrates with your closet and can be installed in tight or small spaces. This is a great choice for modern and contemporary closets. 

Track Lights

Track lights (bulbs installed along a track, or strip) are versatile and customizable. They provide excellent lighting coverage. This kind of lighting will give your wardrobe the spotlight it deserves.

Cabinet Lighting

In-cabinet lighting is extremely useful. It provides the perfect amount of lighting for closets and drawers, allowing you to easily find your belongings in an otherwise dark storage system. Under-cabinet lighting is also an excellent option for cabinets that include an underneath space. 

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