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Closet Organization Tips for Couples

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A well-designed closet maximizes space.

For couples who share smaller closets, it can be a challenge to make room for everything and keep the closet organized in a way that works for both partners. But by designing your closet space in the right way, you can ensure that you and your partner have the room you need to store your items and avoid arguments over shelf space and missing clothes. 

Keep reading to discover how you can maximize the space in your shared closet.

A well-designed closet maximizes space.

Cut Down On Wasted Space

You might be surprised at how much closet space you’re not utilizing. If you only use your hanging rod to store items that go halfway down, you can double your hanging space by adding another rod right below your shirts and jackets. Are your shelves not the right sizes for your items? Replacing them with custom shelves that are a perfect fit or adjustable shelving that adapts with your needs can also save room.

Draw A Line

In most cases, it’s a good idea to divide the closet in two so each person can come up with their own system for keeping things organized and find their items easily. Make sure you and your partner 

have a conversation about who’s taking what side and what drawers and shelves. That being said, you also might want to create a shared space for items like hats or sweatshirts that you both can wear.

Customize Your Side

When you have a designated side of the closet, you can customize it to meet your unique needs. If your partner has more items to hang, they can opt for a second rod on their side and you can opt for more shelf space. If you want to customize without making big changes, closet accessories are a great way to go. Add a shoe rack if you need more storage space for shoes or a valet rod if you like to plan out your outfits in advance.

Shoe racks and other accessories save space.

Upsize Your Closet

There are lots of ways to customize your existing closet and make the most of the space you have. But if you’re really struggling to make room for everything or find what you need each day, it might be time for a new, larger closet.

Whether you want to build a new closet or upgrade your existing closet with new shelves, accessories, or other features, Closet & Storage Concepts of Massachusetts is here to help. Our experts will work with you to design a stylish closet that’s perfect for you and your partner. Contact us today to get started!