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What to Consider When Choosing a Murphy Bed

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custom murphy beds boston

custom murphy beds bostonSpace-saving Murphy beds, also known as well beds, are a convenient addition to any home. They free up space, provide additional storage, and make an excellent extra sleeping space. To find the right Murphy bed style to suit your needs, consider asking yourself the following questions!

What Will I Use The Extra Space For?

A Murphy bed provides a great transitional space, and the type and model of Murphy bed you choose can lend a hand in transforming the new space. For example, if you’re considering creating a home office that converts into a guest room, then one of our Murphy beds with attached home office furniture and desks could be the perfect option! 

How Will The Murphy Bed Fit in My Home?

Our Murphy beds come in a variety of shapes. Your home is unique, so consider how and where different Murphy bed models would fit in your home. Our Murphy beds come in both horizontal and vertical versions, giving you flexibility on where the bed will go and how the space will be used. 

The size of your Murphy bed is another factor. For a luxury guest or spare room experience, a king or queen sized bed might be worth it. For a smaller space or room, a smaller bed size might allow you to make better use of the surrounding space.

How Do I Want My Murphy Bed To Look?

With Closet & Storage Concepts, you have the ability to customize our products to suit your unique needs and style preferences. How you want your Murphy bed to look goes well beyond our model units! Material, shape, color, and more are all customizable. While the options may feel overwhelming, our design experts are here to provide you with guidance and inspiration. 

Do I Need Additional Storage?

Our Murphy beds are more than just beds – they also come equipped with built-in storage systems. From a bookcase Murphy bed equipped with numerous shelves to a bed that is sided with spacious drawers, we’ll work with your storage needs and wants to find the best options.

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Transform your space with a custom-designed Murphy bed solution for your home. The team at Closet & Storage Concepts of Massachusetts are here to help you find the right Murphy bed. Contact us today to get started!