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Pantry Storage Basics

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There are so many different ways to design your kitchen pantry. While everyone has different needs based on their kitchen and the items they want to store, there are some basic storage options that you’ll see in almost every pantry. Read on to learn more about these storage basics and how they can be customized to work for your unique needs.


Virtually all pantries use shelving to store cans, jars, boxes, spices, cookbooks, or kitchen appliances. While this is obvious, you may not be aware of how your pantry shelving can be customized to maximize pantry space.

With shelves of different heights, you can create perfectly-sized storage areas for different types of items. This cuts down on wasted space because you don’t have to use tall shelves to store short items like cans and spices. It also allows you to store large items like mixers and big cookbooks that might need especially tall shelves.

Bins, Baskets, and Drawers

While built-in drawers are mostly seen in walk-in pantries, bins and baskets, which usually serve a similar purpose, are used frequently in all types of pantries. These three storage options are great for storing vegetables and fruits, cooking utensils, spices, and single-serving snack items like bags of nuts or chips. If you’re interested in incorporating drawers into your pantry, you can have them built into a shelving unit. As with shelves, you can customize the sizes of your drawers so they’re the right fit for your items.

Counter Space

Walk-in pantries often feature counter space between storage areas. While it’s less common in reach-in pantries, depending on your pantry’s size, you may be able to add counter space during a remodel. The benefit of counter space is that you can create stations for appliances you use frequently.

For example, if you love to bake but don’t want your mixer taking up counter space in the kitchen, you can create a baking station for your mixer inside your pantry. This means you won’t have to pull the mixer out every time you want to use it or move it back when you’re done. You can do the same thing with your coffee machine, the blender, or whatever other appliances you use regularly.

If you’re interested in adding counter space, custom shelving, or custom drawers to your pantry, Closet & Storage Concepts of Massachusetts can help! We’ll work with you to design a custom pantry that’s perfect for your kitchen and your needs. Reach out to us today for a free consultation!