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Hiding Cords In Your Home Office

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Home office with all cords hidden

Are you tired of looking at a tangle of cords and cables lying on your desk or the floor in your office? While you may need lots of cords to use all of your devices, you don’t need to leave them all on display. There are several tools you can use to keep your cords organized and out of sight. Check out our list of cord-concealing solutions below.

Cable Management Box

A cable management box is simply a box that you place over your power strip or outlet. It has slits on the sides to let cords through. The box can sit on your desk or floor, or be mounted to the wall. While it will create a cleaner look in your office by covering up power strips and plugs, it won’t hide the full length of your cords.

Cable Management Rack

A cable management rack affixes to the underside of your desk and is used to store cords, power bricks, and power strips. If you can plug all your devices into a power strip, you’ll only need one cord running from the rack to your outlet. This solution creates a tidier appearance in your office and keeps your cords within reach, so they’re easy to manage.

Cord Protector

A cord protector wraps up all your cords so you have one big cord running from your desk to the outlet. While this is a good option for avoiding tangled cords and a cluttered look, note that it may not work if your devices are spread out across your desk and your cords are coming from different directions.

Cable Channel

Similar to a cord protector, a cable channel keeps all your cords together. The difference is that a cable channel is a hard case that goes over your cords. It can rest on the floor or be mounted to the wall. You also have the option to paint your cable channel the color of your walls or desk so it’s less noticeable. As with a cord protector, this solution may not work if your devices are spread out.

Custom Desk

With a custom desk, there are multiple ways to hide your cords. One option is a hole built into the writing surface of the desk for laptop chargers and other cords. If you want storage space around your desk, you can opt to have shelves built specifically for devices like printers and have a hole for cords in the back of the shelf. This way, your cords are hidden and you have the perfect spots for your devices. 

If you want the option of hiding your devices, powerstrips, or outlets, you can have a cabinet built with a hole on the side for cords. With a hole for cords in your desk and a built-in cabinet for concealing your outlet and powerstrip, your cords will be almost completely out of sight, but still easy to access.
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