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Closet Trends of 2021

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Want to give your closet a makeover this year? Read our guide below to this year’s most popular closet trends to get inspired. You won’t believe how just a few simple updates can dramatically modernize and elevate your closet! When you’re ready to get started on your closet upgrade, contact the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts.

Modern Lighting

Proper lighting will both add sophistication to your closet and make it easier to choose the perfect outfit each day. This year, cool shades and natural lighting are in. So consider switching your standard light bulbs to cool-toned bulbs. If possible, allow light to enter through windows. Another option is gallery lights, which are making a comeback. Gallery lights work especially well in walk-in closets.

Natural Colors & Textures

Warmer, neutral shades and muted pastels are trendy this year. If you want to incorporate an accent color, consider using an understated color for your walls and a more vibrant color for your cabinets and shelving or vice-versa. Wood and stone textures that evoke nature and have a calming feel will also be popular this year.


In line with this year’s calming colors and textures, simplicity, functionality, and minimizing stress are key focuses for 2021 throughout the whole house. In the closet, expect to see accessories and furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes. 

For example, built-in islands in walk-in closets that offer drawers and shelves can serve as tables for decorative items, makeup stations, and storage space for accessories. Stools that open can double as storage. In addition to furniture pieces like these, adjustable shelving, which allows you to change the heights of your shelves as your needs change, will be popular.

Whether you’re ready to start your closet project or want more information about this year’s closet trends, reach out to Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts. We’ll work with you to identify your needs and design a closet inspired by this year’s trends that is timeless and functional. Contact us today for a free, in-home consultation!