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Tips For Maintaining A Kid-Friendly Closet

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Life with kids is busy and makes time all the more precious. You don’t want to spend every spare second of yours attempting quick clean-ups. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts, we believe a key way to avoid this is proper organization. If you struggle to keep your kid’s closet in order, we’ve got a few tips that can ultimately help save your time and effort.

Be Intentional

When it comes to maintaining a closet, one of the biggest downfalls is allowing anything and everything to live in the same space. With kids, it’s especially important not to let the lines here blend. Make sure that they know (and make sure you do too) that their clothes closet is for clothes only.

There are other places to store their toys and books. If you start to let this and that end up where they don’t belong, soon it will be too much to sort through. The organizer you initially set up so neatly will eventually be anything but organized. So, make sure everything has its place and you’ve decided early on what is allowed in the closet

Regular Closet Clean-Outs

If you truly want to keep your kid’s closet in a manageable shape, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to run inventory. We recommend you do so at least twice a year and maybe even more frequently if they’re growing quickly. Of course, even when clothes or toys no longer serve a purpose, it can be difficult to let some things go. For the clothing or items you can’t quite bring yourself to part with, consider giving them a space someplace else. Having an organizer specifically for keepsakes can get excess items out of the way and help keep your kid’s current wardrobe under control.

Clear Rules of Organization

If you or your kid has to search through everything in their closet to find what you’re looking for, you’re going to end up making a mess pretty often. To keep things in order, make sure you have clearly distinguished what goes where with some kind of labeling, color system, or logical order. An example of the latter method could be putting hats up high, shirts in the middle, pants below, and socks on the ground. Obviously, you want to make sure this is ordered according to their height, not yours. This sort of logical system can make locating clothing a no-brainer and prevent constant, unnecessary upheaval.

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