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3 Tips for End-of-Year Decluttering

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As a new year approaches and the spirit of “New Year, New Me” dawns, it’s as good a time as ever to clean out your home. The space you live in is (probably) not a storage unit, so you should take measures against treating it like one. Decluttering is always the best way to go about it. Below we’ve written up 3 of our favorite tricks for purging the excess stuff so you can head into the new year with a clean slate and a clean home.

Would You Buy Again?

If it disappeared, broke, or burst into flames tomorrow, would you have to replace it? And if so, how soon? Begging the question of whether or not you’d purchase something again is a great way to get at the heart of why you have it around in the first place. In doing so, you can better determine if something holds real value to you or if it’s something you make space for simply because it exists in your home.

Consider the Cost

Sometimes you’ll let go of things and only to find you need something like it down the road. Like most, you probably hate the thought of this. Nobody likes repurchasing a thing they already had, so we often use this as a means of rationalizing the storing of items that aren’t actually serving us in a meaningful way.

But everything that stays in your home costs you something as well. When you keep things that serve no purpose in your life, you waste the effort taken to find a space for it, and in turn, you waste that space. Give yourself permission to repurchase objects later on. Of course, with pricier items, it’s worth taking a bit longer to think about this. But when you start asking yourself how much something will cost you to buy again versus how much it’ll cost to keep it, you start to realize that most objects are fairly easy and affordable to replace, should you ever actually need them.

Moving Into The New Year

Imagine you have to pack up and start over somewhere new. This is especially helpful if you actually are moving, of course, but the mental exercise can still have benefits for those who aren’t. If you had to take everything down today and insert your life into a new space, what would you take with you? You’ll notice there’s actually quite a bit to leave behind. These are the things you can part with.

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