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How to Reorganize Your Closet for Winter

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Heading into colder winter weather in Boston may require you to rethink and rearrange your closet to suit the changing seasons. Cold weather will require you to pull out bulkier coats, sweaters, and snow-ready shoes – but all these wardrobe staples require more space, too. Below, we outline a few of our tips and tricks for changing up your closet organization to keep up with the seasons.

Making Room for Bulky Coats

For winter, you’ll almost certainly want to keep large, warm coats on-hand. However, winter coats can often take up quite a bit of space, especially if you have multiple coats that need storing. Additionally, when exposed to the elements, you probably won’t want to immediately place a snowy or damp coat back within your clean, dry clothing. This is where a good entryway storage system comes in handy! An entryway closet or a wall-mounted hook system will make it easy to grab your favorite winter coat before heading out.

Storing Sweaters

Nothing says winter more than big, cozy sweaters! We recommend folding sweaters over hanging them, as hanging sweaters can make them lose their structure. Additional shelving in your closet will provide room for your sweater collection while preventing damage. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we’re more than happy to provide a free design consultation and determine which custom storage additions will help you maximize your space.

Organizing Cozy Accessories

Cold weather isn’t all bad – sometimes it’s the perfect opportunity to accessorize with fun scarves, cozy beanies, and warm mittens or gloves. However, it can sometimes be difficult to fit these larger accessories into your existing closet organization structure. We offer a variety of customized storage solutions for all sorts of accessories, including additional drawers, shelves, or hanging rods. Hanging scarves in customized hanging rods will keep them easily visible and accessible. Hats and gloves may benefit from custom storage within drawers that offer enough space, as they can be damaged by too much sunlight and folding can leave creases.

Storing Shoes

Winter boots require quite a bit more room than your summer sandals or sneakers, and they might not fit adequately in a designated shoe rack. Cubbies or taller shelves can provide the space you need to store your winter shoe collection. A custom entryway or mudroom storage system is also ideal for storing shoes and preventing snow, water, or mud from being tracked into your home.

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