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Organizing Your Home For The New Year

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The end of the holiday season – and the year! – is a fresh start for you to re-organize and de-decorate your home. From putting away decorations to planning for the future, now is the time to consider how you’ll organize or re-organize your home for the coming year. Here, we outline some of our favorite end-of-year organization ideas and plans.

Holiday Decoration Storage

When the holiday season ends, you may be left with decorations – lights, ornaments, and more – that need organizing. With our custom storage systems, you won’t have to struggle to find space to store holiday decor, or worry about damaging sentimental decorations. From closet add-ons to customized craft rooms, we can help you organize your holiday decorations seamlessly when they’re not on display.

Attic or basement shelving can provide room for clear plastic bins that house your holiday decor. Adding extra high-level shelving in existing closets can also aid in keeping holiday ornaments and lights safely stored and out of the way. If you’re an avid crafter, consider a custom craft room that incorporates storage for wrapping paper, card making supplies, and more!

Closet Upgrades

Does your closet feel cluttered with winter gear – bulky coats, scarves, sweaters, and shoes? Additionally, if you were lucky to receive new wardrobe items as gifts this year, you may need to find space or make space for them in your closet. Upgrade your closet system with help from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts! We can help you make room for sweaters with additional shelving, custom drawers for jewelry, custom hanging rods for scarves, walk-in closet islands, and more! Prepare for the new year with a new closet.

Entryway Plans

Having a well-designed entryway both prevents clutter throughout your home as well as improves first impressions from visitors. If you’ve noticed shoes strewn about your home, coats left on the back of chairs, or missing keys and accessories, consider upgrading your entryway with additional storage. Hooks, cubbies, shoe racks, and more can help you stay more organized when coming and going from your home.

Get Organized In The New Year With Closet & Storage Concepts

Start the New Year right with home storage upgrades from Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, MA. We’ll work with you to find the custom storage solutions you need to stay organized and make the most out of your space. Contact us to get started!

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