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Favorite Features in Modern Closets

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Modern Closet Setup

Ready to step up the look of your closet? Try on some of these features from modern closets for size! Closets are not just a space to get ready; they are a place to destress, unwind, and get in the zone for the day ahead. Set yourself up for a getting-ready experience you’ll look forward to every day. Even if you live in an older home, you can always keep your closet looking fresh and stylish with these four modern features!

Recessed Lighting

When it comes to closet design, lighting is quite often overlooked. This aspect of your closet has the ability to change the entire feeling of a room all on its own. Recessed lighting is one of our favorite modern features, and it takes up less space than traditional lighting fixtures. Recessed lighting is installed via a hole in the ceiling, allowing for an easy installation and a non-bulky solution to proper lighting.


A well-placed seating option can transform your closet into the dressing room you always wanted. If you want your closet to feel like a high-end dressing room—and have a place to relax when you kick your shoes off—consider investing in closet seating.

Adjustable Shelving

Are you tired of not having enough closet space? Consider using adjustable shelving to make space for your shoes, clothes, accessories, and more. Adjustable shelving opens the door to closet functionality and organization without having to worry about running out of any necessary space.

Full-Length Mirror

Mirrors can help create the illusion of space, even in the smallest of closets. When paired with recessed lighting, a full-length mirror is a perfect solution to your getting-ready woes. They allow you to see your full outfit before setting out for the day. In addition, full-length mirrors are incorporated into the closet space in a variety of ways. Slide-out full-length mirrors, for instance, are a fun and highly practical space-saving solution.

Get started on giving your closet the makeover it deserves! Let us help you incorporate design features from modern closets and transform your closet into the luxe dressing room you’ve always dreamed of. Contact Closet and Storage Concepts Massachusetts for a free consultation today!