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Closet Accessories to Maximize Your Space

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Whether your closet is big or small, closet accessories are an excellent tool to help maximize your space. Closet accessories can be customized to meet your unique lifestyle and storage needs. Even a big closet can feel underwhelming and disorganized if it doesn’t suit your needs! Below, we outline some of our favorite practical closet accessories to add to your closet systems.

Custom Hanging Rods

Custom hanging rods will allow you to store everything from scarves to suits more effectively. Consider double hanging rods to maximize space when storing shirts or jackets. A valet rod installed in your closet will also make navigating accessories easier or allow you to plan outfits in advance while keeping them pristine and wrinkle-free.

Custom Drawers

Customize your drawers to protect and store jewelry, sunglasses, ties, belts, and more. Velvet- or felt-lined drawers provide a safe home for delicate belongings while also keeping them organized. For accessories or jewelry collections of all sizes, we can customize drawer inserts to contain them.

Hideaway Hampers

Nobody is a fan of clothes strewn across the closet floor, but in a small or poorly-fitting closet, it can sometimes build up. One of the many closet accessories we love at Closet & Storage Concepts is hideaway laundry hampers. These fit seamlessly into your space, are easily accessible, but remain hidden when not in use.

Custom Shoe Storage

Give your shoes the storage they deserve with customized storage systems in your closet, mudroom, or entryway. Vertical or horizontal shoe racks are a great option, but cubbies for shoes also work well and can be used for various other purposes, including storing bags or folded sweaters.

Upgrade Your Closet With Closet & Storage Concepts

Big or small, our team is here to help with closet upgrades and adjustments of all sizes. We offer a variety of custom closet solutions and accessories to help maximize your space. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation from our team of expert designers!