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Three Tips For Organizing Your Pantry

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Custom Pantry Organization

The pantry is one of the most overlooked places in any household. Why do you need to keep it organized if no one spends time in there except for the people within your home? Well, have you ever been looking for one specific item, but you can’t find it anywhere, and then weeks later, you find it hiding behind all those snacks you threw in your pantry? At Closet & Storage Concepts, we want you to be able to find any seasoning or snack with ease! Read below for easy tips for organizing your pantry!

Wire baskets

Wire basket additions are the perfect custom storage solution for your pantry! Not only do you have more space for storage within your pantry, but wired baskets offer a sleek, sophisticated design. If you are someone who buys a lot of canned goods or snacks for your household, wire baskets make it easy to store away your extra groceries from eyesight. When you need one of the items, you can quickly pull out the basket, grab what you need and then slide it back under the shelf without worrying about items falling down and onto the floor. 

If you like having canned goods around the house, wired baskets are one of the easiest ways to store them. You can stack them on top of each other and slide them away out of sight; no need to worry about that tower of cans falling!

Spice and Wine Rack Unit

Spices are an essential part of an excellent homemade meal, but they are the absolute worst when it comes to storing them away. You could use a Lazy Susan, but you can’t see all the spices you have gathered over time. A spice rack lets you see all the spices you have in your household and use them with ease. Even those spices you don’t use very often can have the spotlight. 

If you are someone who likes to have a drink of wine with their dinner: a spice and wine rack unit would be the perfect storage solution for your pantry. Although wine bottles can bring a particular aesthetic to any kitchen area, they can also take up more room in the kitchen than necessary. A dual spice and wine rack gives you the ease of being able to look through both items at the same time while cooking dinner for guests!

Now that you’re an expert on organizing your pantry space contact Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts today! Our experts are waiting to help you maximize the space within your home to work with your lifestyle! If you would rather meet our experts in person, find a local showroom.