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3 Ways To Declutter Your Closet

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We’ve all been there, you finally decided it’s time to clean around the house and get rid of items you no longer need, but when it comes time to clean out your closet, you can’t bring yourself to do it. You need to make so many decisions when decluttering a closet that it can be overwhelming. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Massachusetts, we want to help you quickly declutter your closet. Read below for three easy steps!

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

Once you’ve pulled out every item of clothing from your closet, it’s time to start looking through the pile and asking yourself some questions like: Do I wear this piece of clothing often? Do I love this piece? If I was currently shopping, would I repurchase this piece? And do I feel confident in it? Any questions that get you thinking about how much you actually wear that piece of clothing. If you can’t answer “yes!”, it’s time to give it away. Another rule of thumb, if you find yourself asking other people if they like it, typically that means you’re not the biggest fan of it, and you are looking for a reason to like it, so toss it in the donation bag.

Put On The Piece Of Clothing

There are pieces of clothing in your closet that you have a picture in your mind of what it looks like on your body, but what we all don’t realize is that our bodies continue to change as we grow older. So, some pieces may not fit the same as they used to. Once you put the piece on, you’ll get a genuine grasp of how it looks on you over your memories of that clothing item. Plus, if you put it on and still don’t know if you want it gone or not, you now have an outfit on for the day and can run errands to see if it’s still something you want to keep a part of your wardrobe.

Try Out A “Maybe” Box Or Defined Area In Your Closet

If you have gone through the two steps above and still can’t decide if you fully want to keep it or get rid of it, try out a “maybe” box or defined hanging area in your closet. What you need to do is put the clothes in a place within your closet that you can’t see, but you know it’s there, and then set a reminder, whether that be on your phone or in your calendar, to go back and see if you ever used any of the pieces of clothing since you’ve put them in that area. This gives you the ability to not fully part with the piece of clothing yet, while also getting the ability to see that you don’t use it as often as you think you do.

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