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How To Regain Control Of Your Closet

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Whether you’re struggling with a closet you’ve had for years, or battling with closet space in a new home, it’s often easy to end up losing control of your space. Laundry piling up, drawers overfilled, difficulty finding what you need – these are all common problems. Below, we outline some of the ways that you can regain control of your closet once again.

Find An Organization Style That Works For You

One of the first steps that can help you keep your closet under control is discovering the right organization style. This is especially important if you have space in your closet, but still struggle to find items you need. Does organizing your wardrobe by color make it easier to coordinate outfits? Does organizing your closet by type of clothing help? For example, it might be effective to organize hanger space by starting with blouses, then sweaters, then jackets. Depending on your personal needs, your organization style might vary.

Finding The Right Type Of Storage

Different wardrobe items require different storage. Different closet designs require different storage adaptions, too. Finding the right type of storage you need is essential. What items in your wardrobe should be folded, stored away in shelves? What items should belong in drawers? What items are always the hardest to find when you need them? These are good questions to ask when evaluating a closet that simply isn’t working for you.

Rearranging Locations

Different than rearranging where you might store something within your closet, you can consider rearranging where they are stored throughout your home. Winter gear might not be suited for year-round storage in your main bedroom closet and can be stored in bins under your bed, or in the attic. Go-to outerwear might be relocated to your entryway. Redistributing the location of your wardrobe can free up space in your closet, making it easier to navigate.

Adding New Storage Systems To Your Closet

In some cases, you might find that the reason your closet is in disarray is because it doesn’t suit your current needs. You’ve considered your closet space, the options it provides, and still can’t find ways to keep it under control. Now, it’s time to consider transforming it! Adding new shelving, hanger space, and drawers can ensure your closet is tailored to what you need.

The Closet & Storage Concept experts can work with you to analyze the space you have and upgrade it. We listen to you to understand what you need, whether it’s a better storage system or a more aesthetic space. Our closet accessories can also help you find solutions.

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