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Seasons Are Changing, So Should Your Closet

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September 22nd is the day that summer turns into fall. Those in and around Massachusetts know the changing of the seasons also means the changing of the wardrobe. Swim trunks and tank tops get swapped for flannels and jeans. This is a circle of life for us at this point.

Having all four seasons means that there are also a lot of different articles of clothing to keep around. With so many different styles for different temperatures, it can be a hassle to keep everything organized as you go from short to long sleeves. That’s why we want to help you with some tips on how to keep the wardrobe in order as we go from summer to fall soon.

Your Space, Your Solutions

Sometimes, we have enough closet space to keep all the seasonal clothing in there at once. If so, that’s great! Whether you do or don’t, we still suggest building or dividing enough sections to keep certain types of clothing separate. This will prevent you from digging through T-shirts when you’re looking for a sweater. Everyone likes storing their clothes in their own way, which is what a personalized closet can help you with! Take control of your options and organize clothes in the style that suits your needs.

Store Things Correctly

For those that can’t keep everything in the closet at once, storing the clothes during the seasons that they aren’t worn is the way to go to cut down on clutter. However, you want to be mindful when doing so, as putting them away for so long can cause a variety of problems.

Some tips we have are to wash your clothes before you store them and go for a natural moth-deterrent like lavender or mint (mothballs can work, but are also toxic to pets and children). Also, skip the cardboard boxes and plastic containers and go for a cloth or linen one. Cardboard can attract pests and airtight plastic can cause yellowing and mildew. On the other hand, cloth and linen keep your clothes safe while letting them breathe.

Not Everything Must Go

Yes, the seasons are changing. Yes, a lot of summer clothing will likely get stored for the colder months. However, everyone has clothes that they love to wear. Does it fit you spectacularly? Does it go with a ton of your other outfits? Does the item mean a lot to you? These are just some reasons to keep the clothing in your closet. Even if it’s more of a summer piece, you can always wear it if you know you’ll be indoors, or if it’s a hotter day than usual!

Your closet’s organization is important for making sure you can see your options and put together your best-looking and most practical outfits. Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts can help you build a closet that suits your clothing and style while being mindful of the storage challenges you face living somewhere with four seasons.

Contact us today to schedule a free appointment and receive expert advice on building a closet perfect for your space and needs!