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Dazzling Tips For Stowing Jewelry

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Whether you have a couple of treasured pieces or an entire collection, proper jewelry storage can help keep your accessories looking new for the next time you want to show them off. 

  • Separate by materials
  • Clean appropriately
  • Find a dark, dry space
  • Invest in a quality organizing system

Separate By Material

The first step in the process is separating your pieces by material. Keeping faux metals with silver can cause silver pieces to tarnish over time. While solid gold jewelry is more resilient, gold plated jewelry requires more care since it is more likely for the gold coating to wear over time. If you are having trouble telling the difference, try looking for a 925 marking that indicates sterling silver or 10k, 14k, and 18k markings on gold jewelry.

Clean & Store Appropriately

Although it is hard to see in plain sight, jewelry can have build-up from natural skin oils, lotion, and dust. A best practice is to have your silver gold pieces professionally cleaned to avoid losing or damaging any precious stones or scratching the jewelry’s surface. Make sure that your jewelry is thoroughly dry.

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Humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations can accelerate the tarnishing process. Jewelry drawers help regulate temperature by limiting light exposure. Felt-lined units help control moisture and prevent scratching. Custom compartments maximize your space by allowing you to separate metals within the same drawer while providing enough room to avoid tangling. Best of all, custom jewelry organizers can integrate seamlessly into virtually any size closet.

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