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Custom Pantry For The Home Barista

Custom Pantry Organization

If you’re a coffee lover and have been longing for a brewing station at home, you’re in luck. You don’t need a huge kitchen or pantry to have a home coffee bar. Explore different ways a custom pantry can fulfill your barista needs while still serving its essential function. Inspire your next home upgrade with this top-to-bottom design example.

Overhead Shelves

Making good tea and espresso does not require an arsenal of tools. However, the experimental home barista can have different machines, accessories, and ingredients that give each drink a unique flavor. There are even latte cups designed to pour the best latte art. Make use of overhead shelves to organize mugs by style, along with accessories like a bean grinder, milk steamer, scale, and tea steeper.

Counter Space

Installing a counter in your pantry is the perfect home for your brewing system as it provides easy access for everyday use while saving kitchen counter space. Not to mention it beautifully displays all of the shiny buttons and knobs on your favorite coffee maker.

Spice Rack

Part of the magic of brewing tea and coffee is the freedom to experiment with different spices and flavors. A spice rack is an essential compartment to keep all of your flavors organized. It maximizes your space without sacrificing aesthetics. Instead of having a plain backsplash, let the natural colors of spices stand out. Customize the railing color to match the metals on your brewing accessories for a cohesive look. The best part of this addition is that you can use it to keep everyday cooking spices too.

Pull-out pantry racks Boston

Pull-Out Wine Rack

It is a lovely coincidence that wine and syrup bottles are similar in size and shape. Using a wine rack as syrup storage is a vertical space saver due to the way the bottles lay flat. This design is especially useful because you can easily see the labels.

Pull-Out Shelves

You might wonder, “where does the rest of my food go?”. This is where the pull-out shelves come in. You don’t need to overstack all of your boxed and canned goods because you’ll be able to see every single item at the very back of the shelf. This type of shelf maintains a high level of organization since you can reach what you need without moving everything around.

At Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts, we understand that design is not a one-size-fits-all. There are so many ways to organize and build around your needs. Book a complimentary consultation today and Make Room for Life®.