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Three Rooms For Pet Storage

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Much like kids, pets can be a full-time job. They are an extension of our family that comes with an abundance of associated accessories. It can be a challenge to keep track of every toy, leach, and treat. Ease pet clutter and seamlessly integrate your pet’s belongings into your home in these three areas of your home.

Pantry In A Pinch

In a pinch for space? You can opt to store your pet products in the pantry. We know that having a division between pet and food items is desirable, so we recommend dedicating the lower section of your pantry to supplies. Increase the separation with lower cabinets–perfect additions for storing treats. A pro tip to avoid any critters that are hungry for pet food is to use air-tight containers. The pantry space is not ideal, but it keeps the essentials within reach without sacrificing high-traffic rooms in your home.

Entryway Convenience

The entryway is the most convenient place in your home if you are always on the go. Its multi-functional nature lets you access your everyday items like coats and shoes while offering a specified walking or feeding station to make care simple. It can even be a dedicated space for your pet. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics because now you can have a built-in kennel that blends in with the rest of your custom storage finishes. Similarly, cabinets are fantastic for concealing bags of food without letting their smell take over your space. Have a tight space? Pull-out feeding and water bowls are a great choice to avoid accidentally tipping them over when you’re in a rush.

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The Garage

Garages are a dream for any storage type, especially if it is a high-traffic area that’s easily accessible. If you have multiple pets to feed or prefer to buy kibble in bulk, the garage is ideal for keeping large bulk bins or stacks of cans. Make use of a slat wall or peg board to hang leashes and small pet carriers when not in use. In some cases, some pets can enjoy the garage as if it were their room. Add a bed or a crate to make them comfortable. Remember to keep any harmful chemicals on high shelves to prevent your pet from ingesting or coming in contact with them. The same practice goes for any tools that could be potential choking hazards. Overhead bin storage, cabinets, and work tables can be the perfect solution to keep you organized and your furry friend safe.

Make your pets feel more at home, or look for organizational solutions for yourself. Our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts can help you make thoughtful, functional enhancements to your home. We’ll take care of the design and installation process so you can focus on the things that matter most. Book a free consultation today!