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Minimizing Friction In Home Organization

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While spaces filled with color-coated, neatly labeled items are fascinating to look at, many people feel like that highly detailed approach to home organization is overwhelming and consuming. We are on a mission to show people that home organization is achievable for anyone. The common cause of the disorder is friction. Time limitations, clutter, and awkward spaces can be sources of conflict that inhibit your diligent housekeeping efforts.

Identify High-Traffic Areas

A common mistake everyone makes is keeping things they don’t frequently need in areas with a lot of activity. The living room is a prime example of a high-traffic place. If you have a collection of board games sitting in a cabinet that only gets played when you have guests, consider moving them into a spare bedroom. Use the newly freed space for items you are more likely to use daily such as throw blankets.

Prioritize Accessibility

Think of something you need and often use that hides behind other items. In this case, the things in the way of what you need cause friction that make it unlikely for the item you used to return to its place. The same principle applies to things that are slightly out of reach. What may seem like an easy barrier to overcome will become increasingly tedious in everyday use.

You Don’t Have To Organize Everything In A Day

Thoughts of tying up at the end of a long day can seem daunting. The good news is that you don’t have to do everything in one day. Set aside 15 minutes each night to pick up and organize as many things as possible. You will be delighted to see how much you can get done in such a short amount of time. This time can be highly motivating, so you could even find yourself going over the 15 minutes to finish any last things here and there.

Don’t Work Around Your Space, Make It Work For You

Pre-existing habits are tough to break, so don’t try to force yourself out of them. Customized storage design works around you. If your kids toss their backpacks on the ground as soon as they walk in, and you pile your coat, keys, and bag on the table as soon as you get home, a custom entryway storage system would be the right choice.

Our designers at Closet & Storage Concepts Massachusetts know how busy life can get, so they will design a lasting system that integrates into your lifestyle. Book a complimentary consultation today to get started. Storage frustrations will be a thing of the past.